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Photograph © Paul Fitz-George 2013

 A Depiction of Lucy Westenra from the Famous Vampire Legend, Dracula!

This is the page I will use to let you preview full versions of the stories from this book (please go further down this page for your complimentary story about the lighthouse ghost) and if you like what you see, simply go to Amazon, and purchase the full text for your PC, phone, iPad, Android tablet etc.

Amzon also do a paperback and audiobook version, narrated by that great US actor Time Winters.  This is availabe on the same site as their e-book version.  The link for purchasing the Amzon e-book, paperback and audio book version is dierectly below.   Just a reminder that you will find the book authored under my old name Paul McDermott, which I later changed to Fitz-George when I married.

Why not get a glimpse of Whitby's Supernatural World?

You can watch a great movie trailer I produced that gives you a visual 'lightening tour' of the book's stories in a minute and a half (whew!).  Just click on the YouTube link below to go to this exciting preview, containing some great photograps of Whitby that I have taken over the years, enjoy!

Here's some TV work I did for BBC TV back in the 1980's, in which I acted out some of the stories with their reporter.  Watch out for the special (ghostly) effects.  Spielberg eat your heart out!


The book is fully illustrated and contains the original 1987 paperback's map.  If you're looking for that last minute holiday present to send to a friend or family member who've been given a shiny new iPad or Tablet, or who just want a scary paperback to read on the plane, train or at home,  do consider it!  Just click on the Amazon icon below to go to the Amazon sales page (you'll be automatically directed to your country's sales page by Amazon):-

 Audible's audiobook Version

The Whitby Ghost Book audiobook version, is very well narrated by the US actor Time Winters.  His voice is pure Vincent Price and he brings the stories to vivid life with his wonderful gothic tones and endearing characterisations of the various stories' participants, especially that of the unfortunate man who is 'Shanghaied' by a soul stealing Waft in a Whitby shop.

Photograh by kind permission of Time Winters ©

Time Winters narrator of The 'Whitby Ghost Book'

Time's acting credits include 'Star Trek the Next Generation', where he plays the contemplative Cardassian Ginn, Daro Glinn in Episode 186, ‘The Wounded’, here’s the clip with him in it, just click on the YouTube icon below to view it :-

 He has also appeared in many other TV programmes and films including Babylon 5, Scrubs and Columbo and as you will see from this YouTube link below, he is an excellent actor who has brought his talents wholeheartedly to this audio book and I am very proud that he has joined me in this endeavour.

To purchase this great audio book narrated by Time, click on the 'Audible' icon below.  On its page you can hear a free sample track of Time narating 'The Bargheist Coach', a chilling tale about a famous apparition of the town that collects the seamen's souls from the graveyard when they die.


 Whitby Ghost Stories on the BBC

The Jukebox icon above contains a recording of 'Christmas Spirits', a programme I did for BBC Radio in 1991.  It's all about the Christmas customs of Old Whitby and contains a few good ghost stories as well.  Click on the radio icon above to play, enjoy!

 And here's the BBC Magazine's entry for the radio programme Christmas Spirits on Christmas Day at 1.30 PM -



The Lighthouse Ghost


Photograph © Paul Fitz-George 2015


On the West Pier stands the larger of Whitby's two lighthouses, a massive Doric column built in 1831.  It was here in the late 1950's, that a young girl had a strange encounter.  She and her mother were climbing the steep and narrow staircase inside the lighthouse when about halfway up she saw what appeared to be a man lying across the stairs.  He was wearing seaman's clothes and seemed to be ill or injured.  The little girl stopped in dismay, expecting her mother to rush forward to help the unfortunate man.


But her mother only urged her on up the stairs.  Not believing that she would pass someone in distress and as the body was blocking the way, the girl turned in surprise to her mother and asked why she couldn't see the man lying on the steps in front of her?  However, from the incredulous look on her mother's face, the girl could tell at once that her parent for some unknown reason just couldn't see the man. Time passed and the girl grew up, but remained convinced of what she had seen in the lighthouse that day and several years ago wrote a letter to The Whitby Gazette describing her encounter.


Since reading her letter in the Gazette I have learned of an event, which may explain the identity of the ghost that the little girl saw.  Some years before the incident there had worked in the harbour an old man with one arm and his job was to tend the harbour's lights.  He had lost his arm in an accident that happened on the cliffs near Whitby and used to go about his job dressed in the traditional seaman's smock that some men in the town still wear to this day.  One day, about half way up the stairs inside the West Pier lighthouse he suddenly collapsed and died of a heart attack.


Was it the ghost of this unfortunate lighthouse worker that the little girl saw that day and why could only she see his departed spirit and her mother nothing at all?

See another picture of the lighthouse below with yours truly in front of it.


© Paul Fitz-George 1987


The Front Page at Last!

Here is the front page of the good old Whitby Citizen of July 5th 1990, showing 'yours truly' posing for an advertising puff of The Whitby Ghost Book, taken during bygone days when I had more hair and brain cells!  I used to do a guided ghost walk of Whitby every night during the summer, to supplement my meager Harbour Officer's income.  It was great fun taking visitors on these 'Supernatural Whitby Walks' as they were called and I knew I was doing well when there was a clamour to buy my book at the walk's end.  Ironically, the old paperback version which I used to sign for customers, now sells for more on Amazon than it did then, or the current e-book does now!  Well, as they say, that's showbiz.



Historical Note

Here's the old 1987 paperback version of the book that you can still buy (though I don't get any royalties for old sales sob!) and which paradoxically sells for lot more than the new version (more sobs!).  It's become an antique like me!


Photograph © Paul Fitz-George, Illustration © Helen Walasek 1987 - 2017


 Here I am below in the 'Old Town', where my 'Supernatural Whitby Walk' started in the evening and where during the day, I did a Whitby History Walk of the town.  The walks were good fun and I had some great conversations with my customers.

 Photograph © Paul Fitz-George 2016

  The Numbers Mark the Spot!

Did you buy my e-book or paperack?  Thanks very much and here's the ghost map of Whitby you'll get with the book, care of and drawn by the very talented illustrator Helen Walasek of Punch Cartoons fame.  This very pretty and easy to understand spectral map, should quickly help you find the haunts of the ghosts mentioned in my book during your walk around Whitby's supernatural past, happy haunting!


Photograph  © Paul Fitz-George, Map Drawing  © Helen Walasek 1987 - 2017

 A Ghost Map of Whitby 1987 - © Helen Walasek 1987 - To see Helen's books for sale simply click on the following 'HW' link - HW 

Dreams in Pictures

Here are some pictures I took a few years ago of enthusiasts, who struck me as having absorbed the real spirit of Bram Stoker's Dracula during their time at Whitby's Goth week, enjoy!


 Photograph ©Paul Fitz-George 2016

The Harker's at Rest

Johnathan Harker and Mina Murray at rest in the safety of Whitby's  summer sun and away from the night's terrors.



 Photograph ©Paul Fitz-George 2016

 The Count's Daughter

The Count's daughter smiled invitingly at me and yet...



 Photograph ©Paul Fitz-George 2016

  The Vampire's Followers

As I walked through the old churchyard I felt eyes upon me as you sometimes do when you think you're being watched.  Turning, I saw three young souls looking at me from a nearby tomb.   I smiled at them, but received no response, they simply continuing to track me with the same unblinking stare.  My pace quickened, as prudence suggested I should be quit of this place and them, sooner rather than later.



 Photograph ©Paul Fitz-George 2016

 The Half Life of the Vampire

Poor Lucy, once bitten by Dracula, began to lead a half waking, half sleeping life.  As she walked along Whitby's streets, the living world through her eyes now looked grey and somehow dulled, her grip on life ebbing as she began to enter the shadow world of the vampire.



Want to Know More about Whitby?

Here's a site I often go to for interesting posts about Whitby.  It's called 'The Whitby Guide'.  I would recommend it to anyone wanting to know more about Whitby, its history and its ghostly goings on.  Just click on 'The Whitby Guide' icon below to go to it.



'The Whitby Guide is an online guide that helps you plan your stay in the famous seaside town.' - Editor

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