I with the help of my spirit guides and augers, would like to suggest the following publications for your perusal.

These are books that I have come across over the years that helped me in my spectral researches.  They give an excellent insight into the world of spirits and folklore and very often scared me to boot!  Ranging from the simple and informative to the strange and sinister, they will hopefully help and inform you as much as they did me.


The Exorcist's Exorcist 



It seems that many of the recent stories on exorcism, including he Exorcist book and film, can trace their lineage back to one man, the Reverend Christopher Neil-Smith.  He was  Anglican priest at St Saviors Anglican church, Hampstead, London and you can just click on the picture of the Reverend Neil-Smith above to read a summary of his work by 'The Friends of Bishop Sean Manchester'.

He carried out over a thousand exorcisms during his long career, dealing not just with demons, but with alleged possessions involving vampirism no less! 

He wrote a fascinating book on his thoughts and experiences during his campaigns against 'The Powers of Darkness', a copy of which I am going through as I write this article.  If you're interested in the 'nuts and bolts' of exorcism and demonic possession, you can purchase a copy of the book on Amazon, just click on the book icon below to be taken to the Amazon shop, but be quick! 

I bought my copy for about 10 pence plus £2.80 postage about a month ago and 'swipe me with a supernatural loofa', they are now selling at no less than £9.50 plus postage, now that is scary!  It is a good read though and a must for the would be psychic investigator.  Good haunting!




First Step

The ghost hunter's first manual must surely be this little gem, which is in fact a Collins Gem called simply 'Ghosts'.  It gives you a really good background and insight into the ghost and paranormal world and is a great 'first step' into the world of the supernatural for the would-be ghost hunter.  It can be obtained very cheaply at the nice Waterstones Marketplace site.  Just click on the icon below to see the booklet's details and how to purchase it.






Moving on

A really good all-round bible for and myth hunting in Britain, it was the ghostly tome (just kidding) I read when I was in my early teens and I still have it!  Titled 'Folklore Myths and Legends of Britain', this lovely publication is an easy read and you can just dip in and out of subjects and geographical areas at whim.  I found it a really good introduction to Britain's folklore in all its various shades (pun intended). 

This  substantial volume is available on Amazon as a second-hand buy, as it is now out of print.  It makes a sizable statement in your bookcase, proclaiming your commitment to 'The World of the Supernatural' and magic of this 'enchanted isle'.

As before, click on the icon below to see where you can get some second-hand copies.


 An old Favourite of Whitby

One of the books I used for my my research into Whitby's supernatural past, was 'Whitby Lore and Legend' by Shaw Jeffrey.  This gives an exceedingly good historical background into the myths and legends that have all played a part in Whitby's ghostly past.

It was last printed in 1952 by Horne and Son Ltd of Whitby and it is a colourful literary cavalcade through Whitby's history from Roman times up until the last century.  It's something of an academic read but well worth the effort.  It can be obtained at Amazon, which lists several prices depending on the book's condition, just click on the link below to see them.


A Ghost Hunter's Manual



I was trawling Waterstones' shelves in Piccadilly the other evening, looking for a decent ghost hunter's manual and after much stroking of beard and drinking of coffee in their cafe, I came across 'Ghost Hunting, How to Identify and Investigate Spirits, Poltergeists, hauntings and Other Paranormal Activity' by Dr Leo Ruickbie'.

This is not 'the idiot's guide to ghost hunting', rather a more academic and I thought balanced read, with down-to-earth chapters titled Prepare, Equip, Investigate, Identify etc.  A read in fact, for the more serious hunter rather than the 'Cable TV hysterical dilettante'. 

If you're serious then, want to achieve and are prepared to give the appropriate amount of time to your quest, this manual should forward your endeavours more robustly than any of the lighter guides that are currently available.  Click on those nice people at Waterstones' link below, to be taken right to the order page, prices vary between £5 - £8£.



Dr Porter Biggleswade Investigates!


Photograph  copyright 2014 byAmy Flint ©

 And speaking of Ghost Hunters, let me introduce my friend Amy Flint from ancient York, author of the Porter Biggleswade series of books.  They tell of a paranormal sleuth, the tenacious Dr Porter Biggleswade and her adventures in the World of the Supernatural. 

All three current titles, Shadows in the Mist, The Haunting of Delavere Hall and The Ghosts of Kings are currently available on Amazon, iBooks and several other internet platforms for your delectation and discernement. 

Here's their  link at Amy's webpage - Porter Biggleswade Series





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