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This Roman artefact can be seen at The British Museum’s Roman Gallery in London, well worth a visit!


A page devoted to discussions on and information about 'The Land of Dreams' that we all inhabit nightly in the course of our lives, spending close on a third of our lives (depending on your lifestyle) experiencing and moving through them.

We all dream, no matter if someone tells you they don't, they do, they just don't remember it!  I for one have very vivid dreams about the past and about friends, grief, disappointments and hoped for successes.


On this page I will give you some ideas of where to look for interpretations.  I hope at some point in the future, to operate an interpretation service via email and Skype for clients who would like help in understanding their dreams, hence my study of dreams and what they may be telling us.


The picture above shows the Greek God of dreams Hypnos (the Roman equivalent was Somnus, which is presumably where we get the word somnambulism).  People in ancient times had considerable faith in what their dreams told them, considering them messages from 'The Gods' or the dead, who were trying to communicate some urgent truth or secret to them.

Start Simple!

  Photograph 'Dream Horse' © Paul Fitz-George 2017

I dream every night, though I find as I get older that my dreams now seem to be in short flashes rather than the long and involved dreams I used to have in my younger years (during which I seemed to be falling a lot?) and relate to the past rather than to odd or surreal scenarios.  Maybe this is just a symptom of growing old (alas) or perhaps because I now snore more (again older age), my deep-sleep cycle somehow being interrupted by my loud snores.

Whatever the cause, I have dusted down the first book in my dream interpretation armoury (I've been somewhat preoccupied with writing and recording ghost stories of late) and as I have said above, I too am 'starting simple' again.

This book is literally a little 'Gem', in fact it's called 'Understanding Dreams' and is in the Collins Gem series.  Not to be poo-pooed out of hand, it's a jolly good place to start and from tonight, 22nd January 2017, I am going to start making a note of my dreams immedately on waking up the next morning, as we inevitably forget them if we wait any length of time.  I will then delve into the Gem to see what interpretations it provides and what sense (if there is any) it and I can make of my dreams.

Want to try this 'first step' too?  Here's the link to Amazon where you can buy the book from between 1 penny (yup! 1 pence) and £4.99 (check your local country's Amazon site for your currency's price), you choose!  Just click on the Amazon icon below and it'll whisk you off to the sales site in no time.

If you want to email me about any aspect of your dreams, just use the contact form on this site and I'll try and answer your questions.  Allow a bit of time for a reply, as I may be Taroting, Rune casting or fighting 'The Insurmountable Powers of Darkness' at the time.  Happy dreaming!



An 'Inceptional' Experience

  © Legendary Pictures, Burbank, California, USA

Dream analysis has always fascinated me and last night (29th September 2017) for the first time in my life, I had a unique experience.

I dreamt I was swimming quite far off the coast of Scarborough, a seaside town in Yorkshire. It was too far off to be comfortable and I was quite frightened. I noticed however that I was in a very fast and unusual current that swiftly took me to the beach, whereupon I saw my wife and told her what had happened.

During this dream I suddenly woke up again, in a room at our house and told her again what I had just dreamt.

Imagine my surprise, when in this scene, I woke up yet again, this time in bed and in the early hours of the morning and promptly told her I had just been in a dream within a dream and just woken up again! The experience immediately made me think of the film Inception.

Have you ever experienced this sort of dream? Most strange.

Here's a link to the official Legendary Films Inception page, with lots of great pictures and information about this fascinating film.  Just click on these words to open it - Legendary Films


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