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Lara's Demons!



I revisited 'Lara Croft's Tomb Raider trail' when looking through some of the pictures I've collected over the years and came across this one, taken of me entering one of the temple complexes at Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

This really was a very fascinating, eerie and spiritual place, all the more so for the atmosphere created by the majestic crumbling temples, some of which are still covered with the arboreal cloaks they've worn for centuries.

This is me trying to emulate (well I had to try!), the part in the film where the butterflies and the mysterious young girl show Lara the way into the alter complex.  It is there that she meets and does combat with the many-armed and sword-wielding deity and its assorted winged demons. It was a fabulous experience.

Go there when you can, it'll change over time and might not remain as fantastically spooky as it was during my visit way back in 2004.

Here's a link to the actual part in the film where the action happens.  Remember to look out for the butterflies and Lara's entry point into the temple and you'll see how close it is to where I enter in the picture above.  Just click on the YouTube icon below to watch.





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