This page on English Ghosts will be updated regularly, unless I'm in a life or death struggle with vampires, werewolves, demons from 'the pit' etc., with what I think are the best and most interesting stories on the supernatural world today and where possible, relevant to the time of year. 

There's a lot out there so I'll try to make sure you get what's fresh or classic and interesting, rather than puffs of  'not much'.



On the Radio Again!

Last week I had the pleasure of going on Paratruth Radio in the USA and talking about ghosts in England and worldwide. My hosts, Erik and Justin, were very gracious and we had a really good chat about ghost types and discussed theories of how they come into being.

You can hear the whole show at the following link, just click on the Paratruth icon below to hear or download, enjoy!


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And There's More!

Todd Bates of Fate Radio that broadcasts out of Clearwater, Florida, interviewed me on the 19th of January 2018 (20th UK time).


We discussed some of my books and the stories in them and explored the why and wherefore of hauntings, coming up with some interesting ideas as to how and why they happen.


There was also an airing of the great Time Winters, reading one of my stories from The West End Ghost Book about a life and soul-stealing Succubus.

To hear the whole show, just click on the following Fate Radio picture below.

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