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On the Radio!




Well today (14th March 2017), I was on BBC Radio for an hour on a regional (BBC Radio Tees) programme that covers the area between Newcastle in the north and Richmond (North Yorkshire) in the south.  I was interviewed for an hour on the Bob Fischer show about the ghosts of Whitby and the folklore and mythology of the area that dates back to the Norman, Dane invader and Saxon eras.  If you want to hear my loquacious tones discussing fairy bowmen, hellhounds and vampires, just click on the link below (only lasts for 28 days I'm afraid) and go to the 2.04 (two hour four minute) mark of the show's duration bar (you can drag the play cursor to there, it was a four hour show and I was on at 2.00PM), where I reveal all to the good people of 'The North'.



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